Who are we?

Born in 1995, Brand HUAHENG belongs to Nantong city metal machinery technology factory, and is the pioneer in China who committed to provide complete solutions for pre-engineered steel building and structures' builder.

We are the leading expert in China in designing, making, installing all kinds of numerical machines...…such as: U/C/Z purlin machines Light gauge steel framing machines Corrugated and trapezoidal sheet machines H-beam welding and straightening machines CNC oxy-fuel and plasma cutting machines Cut to length machines Slitting machines Shearing machines Folding machines Mask making machines. 

Production And Quality Inspection

● First inspection. The first inspection is carried out by professional QC and QA, all products are fully inspected, and defective products are eliminated.Real-time video checking for machine manufacturing process would be supplied if you like.
● Secondary inspection. Sampling inspection and final inspection before shipment.
● Spot checking and testing would be preferred and suggested, if you like to pay visiting to our workshop.
We would arrange your visiting well on the phone & in the email.

Logistics Distribution

The trust of our clients is priceless. Therefore, we pull together to meet the demands of our clients and ensure they get the most out of our cooperation. We uphold trust principles and know that only a precise and straightforward approach may help to win the hearts of people. We also support the communities that need help and invest money in the development of innovative technology that protects our future.

Services We Provide

Business Consulting

Developing marketing and business strategy to help company grow fast.

Data Deploy

We deliver results to meet your internal protocol, making it easily accessible all levels of your business.

Web and Mobile Apps

A new way to deliver amazing user experiences to your customer on the web.

Digital Branding

Digital marketing has emerged as a specialism over the last decade with its origins rooted in direct marketing.